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By default, Intrepid on both i386 and x86_64 comes with the 32bit flashplayer 10 through nspluginwrapper. A lot of the crashes people see come from nspluginwrapper itself, which is very unstable in Hardy.

A new version of nspluginwrapper in Intrepid fixes a lot of crashes though, so you’re better of with Intrepid in any case.

However, since mid november, Adobe finally came through on one of the most requested feature Linux users around the globe begged for/requested, real 64bit support!

For an alpha version, i must say it is pretty rock solid on my system. Let’s get on and replace the default 32bit flashplayer/nspluginwrapper combo with this new goodie!

First of all, let’s remove any already installed versions of Flash, along with nspluginwrapper.

# apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree nspluginwrapper

Next up, download the 64-bit Flash plugin from Adobe Labs. Select the tar.gz.

Unpack it and copy the resulting into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins if you want to enable it for all users, or in ~/.mozilla/plugins to enable it only for your current user. Restarting Firefox and browsing to about:plugins should show the newly installed Flash plugin.

Enjoy your native 64-bit Flashplayer 🙂