I’ve never been mr. elite coder. Programming never really was my main point of focus, and spent most of my time focussed on the Linux system level of things.

Over the years, I have coded in various languages, but on small personal projects, without any expert guidance or anything. The lack of guidance might be the reason of my almost complete withdrawal from coding the last couple of years.

I started with VB. Writing an instant messenger for example πŸ™‚ ( with own protocol, just for the fun of it ).

I played with Python. Coded with it for a few years, did some small Portage ( Gentoo ) work, wrote a Kazaa-like client with PyQt, hacked on Anaconda job-wise.. I found Python to be very easy to understand, and had a very low level of entry into code which you wrote like 6 months ago without hardly any comments ( i know, shame on me ), and noticed myself being back on track in a matter of hours!

I’ve done quite a lot with PHP. Wrote a couple of websites with it, webservices for system automation, but found myself using it more on the Linux system level in the end ( php-cli ). I still pretty much like PHP, but i HATE web development πŸ˜› I’ve used Symfony for quite some time, and really started to like it. I looked at Drupal too, but something about it really turns me off. Can’t say what exactly though..

I’ve used c++ for about 2 years. Mostly with Qt, which i absolutely loved at the time ( been a few years ). The power of c++ with the easiness of Qt. Yummie! I’ve only found the GUI look-n-feel to be… clunky.. Can’t really explain what’s missing, but it just has an awkward feel to it. Gnome/GTK apps for example feel a lot more solid to me for some reason. πŸ™‚

Then i tried Java for a few months. Never liked it. In my head I never stopped seeing it as an unsurmountable mountain of code. It just looked a daunting task. Not to mention all the .war / .jar crap.. Bleh!

Then i started with Mono ( C# ). I must say i really like the syntax and feel of it, it’s a joy to code in. It’s not really pleasant to see .dll and .exe’s pop up though.. And i have no idea what to think about the whole ethical aspect of it. I like C# as a language, but i hate the Microsoft side of it. Somehow I have this feeling inside that in the end it’s all yet another plan to dominate/break/destroy the Linux environment, first letting Mono be deeply entrenched, and then executing part 2 of their plans. Call me paranoid πŸ˜‰ I also don’t like the Novell boys bending over and taking it like a man on MS’es every whim.

Never tried Ruby, didn’t appeal to me. No particular reason.

Tried Perl for a while, never liked it, too cryptic for my taste. I actually tried to avoid it whenever it was possible πŸ™‚

Lately however, I started longing for development again. Over time, I’ve become less and less a FOSS contributor, which is really starting to annoy me. But I have the feeling that Linux system skills alone don’t allow you to really make a change in the FOSS world.

So.. what to choose to get into the game? As a Gnome user, my efforts would go to Gnome development. But i really don’t want to learn/code in C. I never liked GTK code-wise either. I know there are bindings for a lot of languages, but that feels so third-rank to me.. I could pickup C# instead, but the whole MS mindset behind it really turns me off.

Now, for the point of this rather long post. πŸ™‚ Anyone more programmer-oriented with any ideas on my dilemma? I would surely appreciate it πŸ™‚ What language/lib do you recommend? Open for suggestions πŸ™‚