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Check out this article.

In short it’s about 2 alternatives for bzip2 and gzip, that do the same as their counterparts, but actually use multiple cores if available, thus greatly reducing (de)compression time!

IMO the original bzip2 and gzip should support this out of the box.. multi-cored machines are already widespread, and more and more tools ( especially cpu-intensive ones ) should be updated to make use of them.. bzip2 and gzip are 2 apps that would benefit a lot!

CPU power consumption

As you can see in this overview (source), the new generations of CPU’s dramatically improve the power consumption of our beloved pc’s… Call me a softy, but i actually pay a great deal of attention to that kind of stuffs (apart from my current car i’m afraid 🙁 ), so it’s nice to see things starting to get less powerhungry! Especially since i have to pay my own electricity bills since a short while! 🙂