When you start living on your own, one of the first duties to tend to is to make sure you don’t overpay for your energy bills. Ok, you overpay no matter who you choose, but that’s another issue. 🙂 So I compared Nuon ( Nuon Flex formula ) and Electrabel ( EnergyPlus ) for both gas and electricity. Eventually i chose Nuon, because it is cheaper for both in comparison to Electrabel.

Here a quick overview of the prices: ( Single metered tariffs! )

For gas, Nuon asks 3.84 cent / kWh, while Electrabel asks 4.46 cent / kWh. Their fixed yearly fees are 40,68 EUR and 41,87 EUR respectively.

For electricity, Nuon charges 8,14 cent / kWh and Electrabel 9.51 when you use less than 2000 kWh and 8.56 when using a bit more. The lowest price you can get at Electrabel is 8.26 cent / kWh, when using over 20.000kWh yearly. Yearly fees are 57,41 EUR up to 111,73 EUR for Electrabel, while Nuon charges 46,26.

Eventually I signed up with Nuon, because according to my nooby calculations, it was the Right Thing ™ to do 😉

Anyways, I see Electrabel in much the same way as I see Microsoft and Belgacom: big overpriced companies trying to suck as much many out of you as possible, no matter what it takes.