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Lately all major graphics card developers started releasing their specs to the open source community. Nvidia, AMD and Intel released vital information about their chipsets to the public, so that better open source drivers can be written, and no time gets lost with reverse engineering. Intel was the last to provide docs on http://www.intellinuxgraphics.org/ . I’m pretty excited about the state of graphics drivers in the following couple of Xorg releases!

CPU power consumption

As you can see in this overview (source), the new generations of CPU’s dramatically improve the power consumption of our beloved pc’s… Call me a softy, but i actually pay a great deal of attention to that kind of stuffs (apart from my current car i’m afraid 🙁 ), so it’s nice to see things starting to get less powerhungry! Especially since i have to pay my own electricity bills since a short while! 🙂