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If you can’t beat em..

pay em.. πŸ˜›

Why oh why does Microsoft always insist in trying to reinvent the wheel ( poorly ).. In every field you can imagine they have a crappy clone ( Zune anyone? ) nobody wants. Same thing with their Live Search. They always end up paying the few fucktards who fall for the peanuts MS throws at them.

I have personally witnessed that they came around the bigger businesses, and actually _giving_ money ( and LOTS of it ) to replace all postfix/courier servers ( who run great for years in a row on commodity hardware ) with Exchange ( which only runs “well” if you have a battery of servers.) Luckily management refused every offer because of the hardware costs and maintenance it would require to keep the crap working. ( Lower TCO my *** )

The merchant paying the customer to take his crap.. How low can you go.

Microsoft Windows Home Server has had a data corruption bug in their backups for many months now ( since December IIRC ). They are stating that this bug has their top priority. Then they say they hope to have it fixed by June. I mean WTF…Β  if it takes them over 7 months to fix their “top priority” bugs, i can’t even begin to imagine how long their low priority bugs take to be resolved ( if ever ) πŸ˜› In the meantime, people dumb enough to pay for MS products, like Windows Home Server, can use open source backup alternatives WITHOUT fear for corruption πŸ˜‰ Bacula and BackupPC are just a couple of names that come to mind right away πŸ˜‰

Dustfree forever!

I was brainstorming about what vacuum cleaner I was going to order, when suddenly we found the holy grail in vacuum cleaning!

If you just put a Windows XP install CD ( Or a Vista CD if your house is REALLY dirty ) on your living room table, the contents of the CD suck so hard that your house will never see a single particle of dust again!

Thank you MS!

Apparently nobody was able to counter-offer on the Microsoft bid for Yahoo, so things are starting to look pretty sad..

There are rumors that some Yahoo executives would do everything in their power to stop the Microsoft deal, giving Google a small chance, but it’s all over for Yahoo anyways.. I can imagine that the best employees already looked for a job with more certainty, and that if Google takes over, a lot of people will become redundant since Google has its own skilled people.. And if Microsoft takes over.. bleh, don’t even want to consider that..

I will have to dig into the Zimbra license again to make sure that the project is forkable, but i pretty much think a fork would be the only thing to save it. Hell, I would even start it up myself πŸ˜› Where is anti-trust when you need it? πŸ˜‰

Embrace and extinguish anyone?

When you start living on your own, one of the first duties to tend to is to make sure you don’t overpay for your energy bills. Ok, you overpay no matter who you choose, but that’s another issue. πŸ™‚ So I compared Nuon ( Nuon Flex formula ) and Electrabel ( EnergyPlus ) for both gas and electricity. Eventually i chose Nuon, because it is cheaper for both in comparison to Electrabel.

Here a quick overview of the prices: ( Single metered tariffs! )

For gas, Nuon asks 3.84 cent / kWh, while Electrabel asks 4.46 cent / kWh. Their fixed yearly fees are 40,68 EUR and 41,87 EUR respectively.

For electricity, Nuon charges 8,14 cent / kWh and Electrabel 9.51 when you use less than 2000 kWh and 8.56 when using a bit more. The lowest price you can get at Electrabel is 8.26 cent / kWh, when using over 20.000kWh yearly. Yearly fees are 57,41 EUR up to 111,73 EUR for Electrabel, while Nuon charges 46,26.

Eventually I signed up with Nuon, because according to my nooby calculations, it was the Right Thing ™ to do πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I see Electrabel in much the same way as I see Microsoft and Belgacom: big overpriced companies trying to suck as much many out of you as possible, no matter what it takes.

It’s still not entirely sure that Microsoft will buy Yahoo. A group of venture capitalists are also preparing to do a counter-offer. Let’s hope that, if Yahoo is bought, it’s not by Microsoft.. Yahoo has a few nice things ( Zimbra being one of them ), which most likely wouldn’t do well with the Microsoft lovin’ we’re all used to.