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Very good news! IMO the best XMPP ( Jabber ) server available is going fully open source! The server itself has been opensource for as long as i can remember, but several nice-to-have plugins and features were only available to paying “enterprise” customers. Which is a valid point of business and a good way to earn money while maintaining a great project like OpenFire. It seems along the road, the good folks at Igniterealtime found another way to provide income, and found out that maintaining 2 projects was too much work. So in 2-3 weeks, most of the enterprise grade features will become opensource too! I for one welcome our new opensource overlords! Let’s hope the most-wanted feature ( multidomain support ) gets implemented soon 😉

When your beloved MSN messaging service dies on you again, you make take a minute to look at some other messaging networks, like ooh let’s say Jabber. You can use Google Talk and Pidgin on Windows to chat with other Jabber users, or Adium X on Mac OS X. Bye bye vendor lock-in, downtime, and annoying custom smileys and banners!