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Apparently nobody was able to counter-offer on the Microsoft bid for Yahoo, so things are starting to look pretty sad..

There are rumors that some Yahoo executives would do everything in their power to stop the Microsoft deal, giving Google a small chance, but it’s all over for Yahoo anyways.. I can imagine that the best employees already looked for a job with more certainty, and that if Google takes over, a lot of people will become redundant since Google has its own skilled people.. And if Microsoft takes over.. bleh, don’t even want to consider that..

I will have to dig into the Zimbra license again to make sure that the project is forkable, but i pretty much think a fork would be the only thing to save it. Hell, I would even start it up myself 😛 Where is anti-trust when you need it? 😉

Embrace and extinguish anyone?

It’s still not entirely sure that Microsoft will buy Yahoo. A group of venture capitalists are also preparing to do a counter-offer. Let’s hope that, if Yahoo is bought, it’s not by Microsoft.. Yahoo has a few nice things ( Zimbra being one of them ), which most likely wouldn’t do well with the Microsoft lovin’ we’re all used to.