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Monitorial goodies!

The guys over at ZenOSS were friendly enough to send us some goodies! Monitoring is quite the hot topic these days and although I’m more of a Zabbix “fanboy” myself, I must say others, like ZenOSS, sure have their places in many, sometimes very specific and/or different, areas.

Dressing up the male team members wouldn’t have had the same effect as our female coworkers, so we decided to take some quick pictures about it 🙂

It looks like the days of the  “You think monitoring so you think Nagios/Cacti” are really a thing of the past!

On a small update, it seems like great minds post alike 😉

I have updated the Zabbix 1.6 packages in my PPA to 1.6.1. I’ve enabled Intrepid builds next to the Hardy builds for maximum coverage 😉 As soon as Jaunty because a valid target for Launchpad, I’ll start including builds for that platform as well.

Zabbix 1.6.1 for Centos 4.x

We‘re not always able to use the latest and greatest version of a Linux distribution. Being consultants, we’re usually dropped in an already-deployed environment, where the let’s-upgrade-the-distribution step is not desired or just plainly impossible without breaking everything that’s deployed on it.

This was the case recently, where we had to deploy a Zabbix server on a CentOS 4.x environment. We opted for Zabbix 1.6.1 for several reasons.

We try not to reinvent the wheel when possible, so I grabbed the RPM for CentOS 5 here. Usually this just compiles on Centos 4 without any issues. Not in this case though.

I’ve cooked up 3 small patches to fix the issues that kept Zabbix 1.6.1 from building on our platforms.

Grab them here, here and here. You might want to use this spec file ( based on the one from OCJTech ) as well!

In short, this disables jabber support ( which doesnt work anyways, you need to let an external script do the work! ), updates snmp support to handle older versions of snmp and lowers the required version of curl during the configure stage.

This should give you a nice shining bunch of zabbix-1.6.1 rpm’s for your beloved CentOS 4 system.

I have thrown together a package for the latest Zabbix beta release, 1.5.4, which can be downloaded from my PPA here. It’s based on the official Zabbix 1.4.6 package for Intrepid, but i added zabbix-proxy-mysql and zabbix-proxy-pgsql as well, along with some minor refactoring in the inner guts of the package. If you find issues, just give me a whistle!